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2016 Scott Genius Plus bikes are 20 percent off for a limited Time!



For a limited time, Goride Bicycles is offering the brand new revolution in mountain biking at 20% off! Try out the easiest bike in the world to ride and start expanding your list of ridable courses.

Mountain Biking never stands still. Standards are not written in stone as long as we are constantly improving what we love most: Mountain Biking. Wheel and tire sizes have always been and always will be a hot topic- we have seen this more than ever in the past three years. With the new Plus size, there is a new dimension emerging. Tire width has been underrated for too long. We are confident that the 27.5 Plus addition to the existing wheel size geometry standards will make its way into the mountain biker’s vision. The long established 29” and the younger 27.5” geometries are well positioned in the MTB market. While 29ers are best for fast rides, keeping momentum and rollover, 27.5” wheels are well known for their nimble, agile handling top acceleration. With 4.8” wide tires, adventurers explore new grounds riding Fat bikes. 27.5“Plus offers an entirely new riding experience and will extend the scope of traction and control to the majority of mountain bikes without making any significant compromises.

Thanks to the new Boost standard, Mountain Biking will not only see bikes with stiffer wheels (and therefore better handling), but also with the grip enhanced, thicker 2.8-3.0” tires and respective geometries.

The 27.5“Plus experience opens up an entirely new horizon: traction and rollover has never been better. Our 27.5“Plus bikes enable more fun and aggressive handling for skilled riders but also more forgiveness for rookies due to an unmatched level of control. Nasty trail sections and obstacles are easier to tame. Searching for maximum flow? Go for Plus and find an entirely new riding experience. Additionally, the new plus-size compatible models can still be ridden with conventional tires. The compatibility of 27.5“Plus with 29”/2.3” tires is just another huge benefit. We believe that riding at any level can become easier and more intense. We have no doubt that 27.5“Plus is here to stay- the benefits are immense